Thank you for your interest in the workshop! 


Two years ago, I switched from digital to shooting 100% film. This decision has completely changed my shooting process and, in many ways, made me a better photographer than I was before. 

For many, there is a steep learning curve with film. Lots of trial and lots of error. For whatever reason, however, I've been able to side step the learning curve and, starting with my very first rolls, have experienced a successful outcome again and again. I've discovered that shooting film doesn't have to be scary or difficult. It's simply different and I've always believed that different is good. 

This workshop also focuses on ways to push yourself to be more creative, more intentional, and discover for yourself how to elevate your own work. I will walk you through my creative process, how I work with families, and demonstrate how I not only use film successfully with families and kids but also my secrets to getting those unique, authentic, and emotion-rich images in every session. 


I want to see images shot by attendees at the workshop!

The FILM WITH SAM workshop provides people with the kind of slow, hand-held experience of being taught film that I wish had been available to me. Understandable, intimate, and supportive guidance- the exact way I would have wanted to learn. 

T O P I C S   C O V E R E D 

  • everything you need to know to start shooting (film camera types, film stocks, how to work with professional labs, using a light meter)
  • my own process and approach to shooting film (how to shoot far less frames but have a much higher percentage of "keepers;" the art of being patient, intentional, and trusting yourself; how to make the comparatively slow process of shooting film work with fast-moving kids; reading the light accurately and knowing how film will respond to different light; pros and cons of both 35mm and medium format film and discovering what works best for you and your workflow; film stock selection, metering, and shooting for the exact "look" you want)
  • how I approach sessions and work with families to get fun, genuine, and unique imagery (ways to stay creative and fresh; pushing yourself outside your own imagery comfort zone to achieve more compelling and thoughtful photos)
  • "shoot-and-learn" session with a family indoors
  • "shoot-and-learn" session with a family outdoors


Like most anything, I've found the best way to learn how to do something is to just do it. Again and again.

In learning how to shoot film, I want to provide you with as many chances as I can to practice metering and shooting, with me by your side. Because there are different considerations for shooting film successfully both indoors and outdoors, the workshop will include not only one but TWO shoot-and-learn experiences. You will have the opportunity to observe me shooting a family indoors and a family outdoors.

As I walk you though exactly what I'm doing and why, in the moment with our models, you'll be able to see first-hand how everything we've discussed comes together in an actual session. You will then get to apply what you've learned and shoot the models on your own as I provide guidance and feedback as needed. 


S P E C I F I C S 

Workshop date: Saturday, August 13th 2016: 9am-6:30pm

Workshop location: White Space Studios; Bountiful, Utah


Please bring: 

something to take notes with (notebook, pen, or laptop)

a film camera

a light meter (if you have one)

any additional film you'd like to shoot

and some faith in yourself (you CAN do this!)


I N V E S T M E N T 



Includes full workshop day and shoots, workshop informational book, lunch, two rolls of film to use during the workshop, and access to the FILM WITH SAM private Facebook group