peace, love, and mountains

This is the second time I've been lucky enough to photograph Jostlyn and Carson. We have fun together. 

(First session was in their amazing St. George studio here.) 

Shot on a Mamiya 645 & Canon eos 3 with Fuji 400h and Kodak Tri-x. 

ries's pieces

This is my little sister, Sarah's, family. These boys have a wildness that shouldn't ever be tamed and two amazing parents as examples of how to live life with fullness and adventure. And baby WInnie's hair deserves a trophy. 

All shot in my studio on 35mm film (Kodak Portra 800 & Tri-x). 

teddy bear

My little sister, Rosie, got a puppy. 

Let me be the first to say that the ridiculousness of all this isn't lost on us. But, let's be honest, life is too short to not get newborn photos taken with Teddy. 

(I can't even handle those puppy paws. And that face.)

lawsfully wedded

Oregon will always and forever hold a most special place in my heart. My husband calls it my spirit state. So it should go without saying that getting to photograph Lauren and Jeff, together, in Oregon was pretty much amazing. 

trying to be free and me

I feel like I'm constantly pushing against the temptation to simply fall into a pattern of photographer complacency. It can feel easy to do what I know will work, was is familiar, and safe at sessions. Not that safe and easy doesn't produce pretty photos- because it absolutely does. But that's just it- my heart of hearts yearns to create so much more than just "pretty." 

It's funny how I have to practice and practice how to be To forget what I see on the blogs, in the forums, and on Instagram and just do 100% Samantha Kelly. I'm still learning but these images feel like the right direction.  

I allowed myself only 45 shots. Only 45 shots to push a tiny bit closer towards what I want to be creating. That's what this little session was about for me.