trying to be free and me

I feel like I'm constantly pushing against the temptation to simply fall into a pattern of photographer complacency. It can feel easy to do what I know will work, was is familiar, and safe at sessions. Not that safe and easy doesn't produce pretty photos- because it absolutely does. But that's just it- my heart of hearts yearns to create so much more than just "pretty." 

It's funny how I have to practice and practice how to be To forget what I see on the blogs, in the forums, and on Instagram and just do 100% Samantha Kelly. I'm still learning but these images feel like the right direction.  

I allowed myself only 45 shots. Only 45 shots to push a tiny bit closer towards what I want to be creating. That's what this little session was about for me. 

a fresh start

One of my most favorite parts of these Spring Babes small portrait sessions was having the chance to meet so many new kindred spirits in person. These two were no exception. 

Oh- and I wish you could've heard this laugh. Sweetest ever. 

proof of the peaks

If you don't follow Brooke Schultz's photography work, you're really missing out. Not only is she a talented artist, but an incredible writer. 

On a recent Instagram post, Brooke wrote how, "We're all full of a million peaks and valleys" and how, through her photography she'll, "bottle the peaks so you can be lifted by the proof of them on those days it feels like the valley's gonna swallow you." I just love that. This woman is a mama warrior, the queen of her home, and- as you'll see- the epitome of natural glamour. But what I love most about Brooke, is the depth of heart and pure goodness she exudes. 

I feel humbled to call Brooke my friend and completely honored to capture these moments with her beautiful family. I hope these images can be proof of some of the highest peaks in her life.