my family in january

This year, Chas and I made a goal to make a monthly family video. I do most of the filming and he does most of the editing. It's nice to have a little on-going creative project to work on together but mostly, watching this footage is a testament to the fact that I was actually a much better mother this month than I often felt like I was being. I honestly don't usually struggle with mom guilt- I do the best I can and trust it's enough- but January was record crazy nuts busy (Photo Native 2017) and I started telling myself that things would go back to "normal" after I got through this month. 

But then I see all the playing and painting and dancing and snowball fights and cookie making and bath time toes and then I don't feel so bad.

I'm doing great. You're doing great. More than a simple monthly record- these videos are a reminder and a celebration of the amazing that's happening every single day and you should know it is. 

a beautiful routine

When being together, doing your own things, with your own people, in your own space- no matter what you're wearing (or sometimes not wearing)- is enough.

In fact, it's everything. 

Canon eos3 with Portra 400 and Tri-x film

Samantha Kelly Photography-9003.jpg
Samantha Kelly Photography-9009.jpg
Samantha Kelly Photography-9008.jpg
Samantha Kelly Photography-9011.jpg